I’m creating this post because I feel there’s not much information about this subject online, so if anyone besides me can use this, I can feel satisfied. I’ll show how to test a bootstrap modal dialog box, using the resources provided by hottowel yeoman generator.

In the first place we need a way to create the modal, I choose a service in app/common/bootstrap path, according to bootstrap.dialog, however I did a little bit change, I replaced the ModalInstance variable as a function and use it as a controller in order to maintain consistency in all the application, like this.

Now, we need to spy on the open modal method like this:

sinon.spy($uibModal, 'open');

Then, wee need to stub the modal dialog, because we don’t need to test the internals of this, we need to test the implementation we have in our application:

modalInstance = {
    close: sinon.spy(),
    dismiss: sinon.spy(),
    result: {
        then: sinon.spy()

As we can see in the code above we’re stubbing the close, dismiss and then methods using spies, so we can check when these methods are fired.

After that, we are ready to stub the parameters our ModalInstance controller is using as $scope, $uibModalInstance, options:

modalInstanceController = $controller('ModalInstance', {
    $scope: scope,
    $uibModalInstance: modalInstance,
    options: {
        title: 'Test title',
        message: 'Test message',
        okText: 'Ok',
        cancelText: 'Cancel'

With all of the above, we can start testing the functions like confirmationDialog method, checking at least the $uibModal open method is been called:

it('should call confirmation dialog with arguments', function() {
    dialog.confirmationDialog('Test', 'a message', 'Accept', 'Cancel');

We can check the modalInstance close method is been called when the user press the ok button:

it('should call ok action on dialog', function() {

The full source code is available here.