I’ve been reading posts like this, that shows a problem with Javascript development right now. He’s right about everything he says, but I think there are a series of steps you can take to handle the situation.

If you want to develop a SPA application, the first thing you need to do is choose a framework, there are a lot of options, but after you play with a few of them and take a decision, you already solve one problem. The most popular frameworks are AngularJS, ReactJS and EmberJS, all of them have pros and cons and is only a matter of testing or playing with them.

After you have decided the framework to use, you need a series of tools to development, deploy and testing. There are a lot, and try to decide what to use can take some time, besides it might be a little bit stressful. My advise in this situation is go to Github, which have a lot of resources and boilerplate starter kits to help you. The best way to choose is one with a lot of stars, then check the file dates to see if it’s still maintained.

Maybe you can find a few interesting projects with enough stars, you could play with them and choose the one you feel more comfortable. Then, it’s just a matter to follow the instructions for installing and using the project. As long as you can success with the commands: npm install, npm start and npm test, you can start working with the project.